P19330: Computer Chassis Cleaner

Subsystem Build & Test

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Team Vision for Subsystem Level Build & Test Phase


For the Subsystem Build and Test phase, the team's overall goal was to finish up all of our ordering and begin working on the actual building. The internal and external frames should be cut to size and sanded/lacquered. Test plans should begin to be implemented and documented as we start the build. The risk assessment should continue to be updated and our team schedule should be adjusted as necessary.

Teams Plan:

Tasks Accomplished:

Test Results Summary

Electrical Test Plans

During the construction of the PCB it has been constantly being tested. Each connection is tested to ensure proper soldering and operation of the board. The motor code has also been tested to ensure proper operation of the motors and motor driver chips. More testing will continue to be done as building progresses.

Live document: Electrical Test Plans

Mechanical Test Plans

Test plan 4: Volume of the internal frame compared to the largest tower that will be used to ensure it will fit public/Zielenski/test plan 4.JPG

Test plan 1&2: Length and Depth of external enclosure to ensure it will fit through all lab doors public/Zielenski/test plans 12.JPG

Live Document: Mechanical Test Plans.

Risk and Problem Tracking

Risk Management

public/Zielenski/risk management.JPG

Problem Tracking

Functional Demo Materials

Plans for next phase

Plans for Team

Individual 3 Week Plans

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