P19345: Model Railroad Control Panel

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MSD I: Readiness to move to Build & Test

Status Review

Current state of the project

Following our Detailed Design Review, it was confirmed that we are in a good place to start building and testing starting in MSDII. Our guide and customer were satisfied with the work that we completed throughout the semester. There were no significant problems or long lead time purchases that would hinder our schedule for MSDII. Our original plan and our current plan only differ slightly. These changes occurred due to the weather days during the semester, causing the university to close, as well as some advancements in the customer requirements that were necessary to be factored in the Detailed Design. All team members participated throughout the semester. Any conflicts that did occur were resolved with team discussions. As a team we worked well together. Each team member did well to document the current state of the project on the EDGE pages. Unique and creative documents were created throughout the MSDI process. One that can be seen is the Risk Register below.

Risk Register Visual Interpretation at end of MSD I

Risk Register Visual Interpretation at end of MSD I

MSD II: Project close-out

Status Review

In the beginning of MSD II, we received additional communications from our customer that required the team to adjust the hardware design. The customer requested our design to accomodate a larger layout than what the RIT Model Railroad currently uses, so we accommodated our control panel hardware schematic designs. This additional work in the beginning of the semester caused some slight delays, but buffers were built into the schedule to confirm all work could be completed on time. A part from this note, our planned schedule and actual schedule were similar with respect to tasks completed and expectations.

From these experiences, we have learned that in addition to our weekly communications, we should add in scope reviews to confirm there is no underlying expectation not being communicated. Throughout the design, there were additional requirements or requirement changes that were desired, but as a team we confirmed to stay to the original expectations. We understood that we had exactly two semesters to complete the project, and if addition items besides the hardware design were desired we recommended the customer pursue another rotation of MSD. The schedule followed in MSD II is available here.

Risk Assessment and Problem Solving Status

All 26 risks have been marked as resolved with no significant risks encountered. Problem Tracking documentation have been reviewed and resolved as well with the project completion.

Actual Performance vs. Requirements

Deliverables Checklist and Website Status

Along with the documentation needed for the MSD course, another document was created by the team for the customer's use, the user guide. This document is to help the customer know how to operate our system without a team member present, and can also be used for future students who may work on this project.

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