P19345: Model Railroad Control Panel

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Intellectual Property Considerations

The Model Railroad Control Panel Project is an open-source design available to any and all model railroad aficionados inside and outside of the RIT Model Railroad community. Due to its ability to be referenced and implemented with external customers such as any person in the Model Railroad community, our project does not have any intellectual property considerations. For more information on the project, please reference our one page Project Summary.

Team Setup

Our team consists of five team members:

To view team member's majors and designated team roles, please reference the below image:

Team Roles

Team Roles

As a team, we have decided our team name to be "Team Unstoppable".

Team Unstoppable

Team Unstoppable

Project Team Norms and Values Definitions

The project team has identified four main values to measure their progress and involvement against. The below document will be referenced for team member evaluations with respect to team participation:

Norms and Values

Norms and Values

A working version of the Norms and Values document can be found here.

Team Resources

Stakeholder Register and Communication Plan

To better assist project completion and success, we have created a designated stakeholder register and communication plan. This document spells out what stakeholders are present in our project design and build, as well as how often we plan to communicate with them.
Stakeholder Register & Communication Plan

Stakeholder Register & Communication Plan

A working version of the Stakeholder Register and Communication Plan can be found here

Peer Reviews

Peer Reviews are completed collaboratively in one shared document available to the team in the RIT MSD Team P19345 Google Drive. Once all team members have completed their reviews, it is sent as one document to our guide, Harold Paschal.

Project Plans & Schedules

For MSD I & II, a Microsoft Project WBS and Gantt chart were created to track tasks, duration, team member resources and a visual representation of where we were at in the semester, ie./ on-track, behind schedule, etc. Each MSD phase referenced a schedule snapshot to be followed. Please reference the below example from MSD II's Systems Build and Test Prep phase.

Subsystem Level Build and Test Phase Scheduled Plan

Subsystem Level Build and Test Phase Scheduled Plan

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