P19361: Optoelectronic Guitar Pickup

Planning & Execution

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Intellectual Property Considerations

We are not planning on pursuing IP protections for this project, as there are other similar products entering the market.

Team Setup

Joshua Albert

  1. Skills - Power Electronics, Embedded Systems, Surface Mount Soldering, MATLAB
  2. Expertise - Electrical Engineering, Integrated Electronics

Garrett Coletti

  1. Skills - CAD, 3D Printing
  2. Expertise - Mechanical Design/R&D, Manufacturing

Anthony Copeland

  1. Skills - Coding, Matlab, Embedded Systems
  2. Expertise - Electrical Engineering, Software

Timothy Sunnerberg

  1. Skills - Matlab, Digital Signal Processing, Digital Systems, Surface Mount Soldering
  2. Expertise - Electrical Engineering, Signal Processing

Team Values and Norms

Our team has identified a few main values as standards to hold ourselves to while we work on this project. Those values are as follows:

Project Plans & Schedules



Risk Assessment and Growth Curves



Peer Reviews

Team members will perform a peer review following each MSD Review Meeting based on our Team Values and Norms


Customer Point of Contact will be Timothy Sunnerberg. He can be reached by email at tds5710@rit.edu. We will reach out and contact customers and sponsors at least one week before review meetings, and will send out an update on progress every other week at minimum.

Within the team, we are utilizing a group chat to communicate quickly and efficiently to all team members. When information that needs to be brought up to Harold Paschal comes up, Tim will contact Harold by email.

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