P19363: Player Piano

Build & Test Prep

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Team Vision for Build & Test Prep Phase

The plans for this phase included accessing the new materials we had ordered during the break, as well as storing and categorizing those items. In addition, some tests and prototypes were built over break, and this phase was used to demo the new developments made to the rest of the group. The main development demonstrated was integrating the PWM IC with the solenoid controller setup. The team sat down to reevaluate our schedule for the coming months due to the shipping delays with our materials as well as new schedules for the semester. The new solenoids and PWM ICs are the first targets for the new semester, extending the existing infrastructure provided by the previous teams to get a complete working model to start out work on the sensor array later on. With a complete solenoid bank and proper volume and power control, we can move on to mounting the piezoelectric sensors and programming the associated microcontrollers.

Test Plan Summary

Risk and Problem Tracking

Plans for next phase

Team plans for next phase:

Individual team member plans for next phase:

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