P19363: Player Piano

Planning & Execution

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Intellectual Property Considerations

We plan to share any intellectual property. If an intellectual property issue does come up, we will talk about it openly as a group.

Team Setup

Member Role Major Contact
Rodney Sanchez Lead Engineer Electrical Engineer ras8047@rit.edu
Zachary Blough Edge QA Electrical Engineer zmb8088@rit.edu
Ava Enoch Project Manager Mechanical Engineer afe6125@rit.edu
Curtis Geiger Facilitator Computer Engineer cxg8134@rit.edu
Darrien Satterthwaite Purchasing Mechanical Engineer dns8338@rit.edu
Mackenzie Lee Inventory Management Electrical Engineer mxl6445@rit.edu
Ryan Malley Communication Computer Engineer rem8178@rit.edu

Team Values and Norms

Assign specific tasks to people with deadlines
If unable to complete a specific task, be upfront about it as soon as possible
Message team is you expect to be late.
If you know you’ll be uncontactable, notify the group through messenger
Be respectful to fellow group members
Split IP, discuss individual IP cases as they come up
Use common sense

Project Plans & Schedules







Risk Assessment and Growth Curves



Other Team Resources

We will utilize the Construct at RIT for 3D printing and potentially laser cutting. We will use the main design center for the majority of our work because of its proximity to our piano. We can also utilize the other pianos on campus (under the College of Liberal Arts) to run tests on non-modified pianos.


Project Reviews

Preparation, notes and actions, etc. Refer to Gate Reviews page, as well.

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