P19416: Indoor Dry Toilet Base and Manufacturing

Customer Handoff & Final Project Documentation

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Team Vision for Final Demo and Handoff

During this phase we planned to finalize our molds by making it studier in order for the concrete pouring process to be done successfully. In addition, for this phase we plan to gather all documentations and instructions for our toilet design to be handed off to our customer. These documents for implementation can be found below.

Test Results Summary

Even though we were unable to produce final results, we were able to run some tests using AutoDesk Fusion 360 to determine if the stress done on the toilet base and diverter would damage them. As seen in the images below , our concept should be able to withstand the conditions of a typical and atypical user.

 Stress Test

Stress Test

Our diverter mold was also able to complete and “pass” a test of sorts by having the ability to be run through the vacuum former without being damaged. A previous version that was 3D printed in multiple smaller parts with a less stable material that was then epoxied together ran through the vacuum former with less than stellar results. The diverter mold became cracked and unusable for testing and creating a functional diverter. We then decided to make the mold out of carbon fiber ABS plastic and in one piece. This resulted in a 100% undamaged part.

Since we are still in the middle of the building phase, we unfortunately do not have a finished prototype. Even with this, we believe our design, test plan and building process is still functional for implementation.

Risk and Problem Tracking

For this phase we updated our final risks with further risks we may anticipate to encounter as we hand off our project. Included below is the likelihood and severity of each risks.

Final Risks

Final Risks

Final Project Documentation

A visual summary of what was done for our project can be seen in our Imagine RIT poster below

Imagine RIT Poster

Imagine RIT Poster

.In addition, for a more in depth summary of the requirements, procedures, and test to create our design can be found in P.O.R.T.A's Technical Paper.

Individual components of our project can be located below:

Plans for Wrap-up

As a team, what we plan to do to wrap up our project can be seen below.
 Project Plans

Project Plans

Three Week Plans

As an individual on the team, you can find what each member did to contribute to the project to achieve our goals. what are you doing to help your team achieve these goals?

Peter K.

Owen T.

Ricky K.

Tim T.

Aleah S.

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