P19422: Black Soldier Fly Composting System


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In order to become carbon and waste neutral by 2030, RIT must implement a more sustainable solution for managing the 1.3 tons of food waste it produces each week. RIT currently trucks its food waste to a biodigester over 20 miles off campus, which has additional environmental impacts. One potential solution is to send the food waste to an on-campus, black soldier fly (BSF) composter. The black soldier fly larvae (BSFL) are able to consume a wide variety of organic material, including meat and oil, which worm composting systems are unable to handle.
 BSF Pupae

BSF Pupae

Project Goals

The goal of this project is to analyze the successes and failures of the previous BSF composter in order to design a new model that meets the following requirements: made of all non-corrosive materials, processes 6+ kg or 5+ gallons of food waste per day, holds feeding larvae, allows for larvae to migrate out of container, provides a pupation site for the larvae, prevents contamination of outside species, and allows removal of leachate and frass without disturbing the feeding BSFL or leaking into surroundings. The expected end result is a functional prototype that is easily and safely operated by one person and costs less than the previous model while still improving upon its design.
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Black Soldier Fly Composting System
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Sarah Brownell, sabeie@g.rit.edu
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Sarah Brownell
Supplemental funding provided by a gift from Harris Corporation

Team Members

Walter, Jason, Maddy, Haley, Morgan, Josh

Walter, Jason, Maddy, Haley, Morgan, Josh

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Maddy Lockwood Communications mrl4343@rit.edu
Walter Markowski Project Manager whm5709@g.rit.edu
Morgan Kline Facilitator mxk1067@g.rit.edu
Jason Kuang Co-Lead Engineer jxk4385@g.rit.edu
Josh Enrico Co-Lead Engineer jse7439@rit.edu
Haley Avery Purchasing hma2146@rit.edu

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