P19432: Murphy's Stage

Planning & Execution

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Intellectual Property Considerations

It is unexpected that new IP will be created through this project. If however, if IP is created, team M.U.S.I.C. has agreed on two points. First, the Rochester Music Hall of Fame shall continue to have free use of that IP. Second, that all team members will share in profits from licensing the use of that IP.

Team Setup/ Roles

Project Manager: Eric Szyjka

Facilitator: Jason Schulz

Communications Lead: Vincent D'Arrigo

Purchasing: Kevin Leonard

Team Values and Norms


Ideally, absences from meetings are infrequent, and have been communicated in advance. Poor performance in this category would be indicated by consistent absences, without supplying group members with notice before the fact.


It is necessary that all team members complete the tasks that they are assigned, or seek help to accomplish the same in a timely manner. Poor adherence to this value would be indicated by incomplete tasks, or tasks that are completed without adequate thought/effort.


To behave professionally, we must treat all others associated with this project with due respect. The use of appropriate language in formal settings, as well as maintaining civility in discussions, is important. Additionally, recognizing contributions to research and build stages of the project are important, and will be considered with this value.


Ideally there will be a roughly equal distribution of work within the team. A low score in this value category would indicate a lack of contribution to the current phase of the project.


Define the team's expectations of its members and used as the basis for peer reviews.

Outputs and Destination

Incorporate when considering team plus/delta recommendations during Peer Review

Project Plans & Schedules

A Screen Capture of the Tentative Schedule from September 11th, 2018

A Screen Capture of the Tentative Schedule from September 11th, 2018

The live document can be found here.

Risk Assessment and Growth Curves

Based off our project constraints and understanding of the problem, the following risks were identified. Actions to minimize the risks were considered as a part of this analysis.

Risk Assessment picture last updated September 17, 2018

Risk Assessment picture last updated September 17, 2018

Link to live document can be found here: Risk Assessment

Peer Reviews

The first peer review is scheduled to be completed by September 14, 2018. A link to the peer review template can be viewed here.


Project Reviews

The Problem Definition Review is scheduled for 9/13/2018, at 11:00 AM. The presentation slides can be found here.

The Problem Review Feedback Notes are located here

See Also, Gate Reviews

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