P19433: Plastic Bottle Chip Melter

Customer Handoff & Final Project Documentation

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Team Vision for Final Demo and Handoff

Plans for Phase

During this phase, the team planned to complete the full assembly, evaluate the Test Procedures, perform testing, and compile all relevant documentation of the project. Mechanically, the insulation, door and hinges, and sensor mount should be installed. Electrically, the screen and protoboard should be installed and the wires should be organized. All Test Procedures should be evaluated and a set melting process should be determined. The completion of these tasks will lead to a technical paper, poster, user instructions, and a lightning talk. The team hopes to hand off the project fully and clearly documented to the customers and potential future teams.

Accomplishments this Phase

Overall, the team was able to accomplish several tasks this phase with only a few items to wrap up before Imagine RIT. During this phase, the team continued to work on documentation including the technical paper, CAD models, electrical models, Imagine poster, and the video for the Lightning Talk/Imagine RIT. The mechanical engineers continued to work with Gary to complete the installation of the door and insulation. The electrical engineers finalized the layout of the protobaord and soldered the necessary components. As a team, several melting tests were performed to help develop a standard process for melting.

Final Design

P19433 Final Assembly Front View P19433 Final Assembly Side View
BOM of Device

All final CAD files can be found here.

Electrical Updates

Final Electrical Schematic

The 1st version of the Display code for the screen is ready solely in English but will allow the user to choose between English or Spanish. There are some features which need to be debugged and re-edited such as the temperature display locations, etc. The Spanish version is also being coded but will need to be grammatically checked for easy understanding in Nicaragua. The Protoboard is soldered with the Teensy’s stand instead of having it directly soldered to allow for replacements to be easily installed. Both IR sensors are ready to be soldered but another team review of the sensor placement will be needed to ensure proper data collection. The connections from the screen are still being made, cables and wires were not available. For the remaining days before Image RIT the goal is to finish screens connections, IR placement, and integration of the protoboard into the system.

Test Results Summary

Test Procedures

The team began to evaluate the Test Procedures the team previously developed to verify the CRs and ERs and evaluate the performance of the melter and learned that some of the tests were difficult to perform or not effective. Tests such as verifying the temperature and heaters, machine dimensions, safety, and product quality were all simple tests to perform. Other tests such as testing the amount of compression needed to create a uniform sheet and verifying the melter would profit are more difficult tasks. The team will work towards completing the remaining procedures before Imagine.

The working Requirements and Testing document can be found here.

Relevant Testing Documents

The MSDS for HDPE can be found here.

The MSDS for McLube 860 can be found here.

The product description for McLube 860 can be found here.

Developing a Standard Process

The team performed several tests using the following variables:

The team used different combinations of the above variables and recorded the results and observations to help improve the next trial. Major conclusions from testing include:

Plastic in Mold Mold in Device Removing Plastic

Videos from Testing

Link to the adding plastic chips to mold video can be found here.

Link to inserting mold in device video can be found here.

Link to removing mold from device video can be found here.

Link to removing plastic from mold video can be found here.

Summary of Testing Testing Plots

Risk and Problem Tracking

Risk Management

During this phase, the team worked to reduce or eliminate all remaining risks before handing over the project. Testing the fully assembled melter allowed the team to assess its performance and reduce the likelihood of several risks that were previously a concern.
Phase 8 Risk Management

Phase 8 Risk Management

The working Risk Management document can be found here

Problem Tracking

During this phase, critical and major problems were resolved including not having the material for the door ordered and misplacing one IR sensor. The team worked to finish the door assembly and order the new sensor to allow the most accurate test results. One new major problem developed this phase, not having enough time to complete all Test Procedures. The team hopes to individually perform additional testing between classes in order to finish all test procedures.
Phase 8 Problem Tracking

Phase 8 Problem Tracking

The working Problem Solving Process document can be found here.

Final Project Documentation

Project Management Design Tools Design Documentation Implementation Validation Presentation & Dissemination


Customer Requirements

Engineering Requirements



Risk Management

Communication & Minutes

Use Case 1

Use Case 2


Functional Decomposition

Morphological Chart

Pugh Concept Selection


Mechanical Model

Drawing Package

Electrical Schematic

Operation Manual

Operation Video

Manufacturing and Assembly Instructions

Safety Precautions


Requirements vs. Performance

Project Photos and Videos

Test Plans

Test Results

Technical Paper


Imagine RIT

Functional Demo Materials

Include links to:

Plans for Wrap-up

In the last week before Imagine RIT, we have a few tasks to accomplish. We are confident we will be able to wrap up these loose ends in the remaining time we have. To wrap-up the project the team plans to continue testing melting the plastic and adding all of the final documents and results to the Edge page. As well as preparing to present at Imagine RIT.

Phase 8 Gantt Chart

Phase 8 Gantt Chart

Plans for Team Members to finish before Imagine RIT:

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