P19433: Plastic Bottle Chip Melter

Integrated System Build & Test

Table of Contents

Team Vision for Integrated System Build & Test Phase

For this phase, our team set out to complete the full assembly of the melter in order to start testing and verifying the CR's and ER's. The mechanical engineers were tasked with completing the structural assembly of the jack support and welding the mold together to prepare for testing. The mechanical engineers also worked towards creating a design and 3D model for a cover to protect the wool insulation. The electrical engineers were tasked with finishing installing the reaming electrical components, seek approval of wiring from RIT electricians, and test the new heaters.

During the phase, the team was able to complete the structural assembly. The team worked with Gary and the machine shop to finalize the design and complete the welding and machining of the jack support and mold. John was able to design and model the cover for the assembly that will function to secure the insulation and create a visually appealing melter. The electrical engineers were able to...

Current State

Action Items


Electrical Updates

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Test Results Summary

Summarize test results and assess effectiveness of test plans to unambiguously demonstrate satisfaction of the engineering requirements


  1. Quantitatively summarize the capabilities, performance, throughput, and robustness of your subsystems as demonstrated by execution of the test plan. Document your testing with photos or videos in addition to test data.
  2. Evaluate how well the test plan was able to confirm satisfaction of subsystem and system requirements
  3. Include snapshot of testing completed to date, and include link to live requirements and testing document

Inputs & Source

  1. Test Plan
  2. Subsystem fabrication

Outputs & Destination

  1. Test Results
  2. System integration
  3. Customer Handoff

Risk and Problem Tracking

Functional Demo Materials

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Plans for next phase


Phase 7 Gantt Chart

Phase 7 Gantt Chart

Phase 8 Gantt Chart

Phase 8 Gantt Chart

Three Week Plans for Team Members at the End of Phase 7:

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