P19433: Plastic Bottle Chip Melter

Problem Definition

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Team Vision for Problem Definition Phase

Our team goal was to more clearly define what is needed for this project by conducting customer interviews. We planned to meet with customers from 4 Walls Rochester and the Enlace Project to set customer requirements. We also planned on setting engineering requirements, and research many aspects of the project during this phase.

Our team met with some of our customers from 4 Walls Rochester, but not with Enlace Project due to schedule conflict. We gathered information on the project and set customer requirements. We also engineering requirements, and split research between the group and discussed as a group.

Project Summary

Currently in El Sauce, Nicaragua there is a large amount of plastic bottle waste that has lead to the a need for a manufacturing process to recycle the plastic bottles into usable products for the local citizens. The full project summary can be found here.

Use Cases

Primary Use Scenario (Plastic Collection to Product Use)

Primary Use Scenario (Plastic Collection to Product Use)

Other Use Scenario (Device Needs Repair)

Other Use Scenario (Device Needs Repair)

Project Goals and Key Deliverables

Customer Requirements (Needs)

Customer Requirements

Customer Requirements

The working Customer Requirements document can be found here

Engineering Requirements (Metrics & Specifications)


Create a contract between the engineer and the customer where indisputable satisfaction of the engineering requirements equates to customer satisfaction
Engineering Requirements Screenshot

Engineering Requirements Screenshot

The working Engineering Requirements can be found here

Customer Interviews

The team was able to interview Bonnie Yannie as well as Sally Kuehl from 4 Walls project to get their input on the device. The team was also able to interview Sarah Brownell since she was a key contact for the previous MSD teams in working on the Plastic Bottle Chip Melter.

Risk Management

Risk Management Analysis

Risk Management Analysis

The working Risk Management document can be found here







House of Quality


  1. Confirm that satisfaction of the Engineering Requirements implies that all of the Customer Requirements are met.
  2. Facilitate design trade off decisions
House of Quality Screenshot

House of Quality Screenshot

The working House of Quality can be found here

Design Review Materials

The design review for phase 1 was held on September 13th, 2018.

Related materials are:

Those not currently available will be added after the review.

Plans for next phase

In the upcoming weeks the team would like to have completed background research, plan what needs to happen next in the design process, and eventually decide upon and start working a design for the device.

public/Project Management/Phase 2 Plan Chart.png

Three week plans for team members at the end of Phase 1:

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