P19454: GCVM Noise Reduction

Build & Test Prep

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Team Vision for Build & Test Prep Phase

The goal for this phase was to create a series of tests to determine whether or not the cannons are having a significant impact on the windows. This is to be done by replicating the effects of a cannon blast as well as possible on a representative window sash and observing the effects.

As of Jan 24th, 2019 the team has placed an order for materials required for testing and put together a preliminary test plan for small scale testing of the window sashes. Tasks have been distributed to the team members to expand on the initial plan.

Test Plan Summary


Meet Engineering Requirements 1,2, and 5.

Proposed Procedure - Low Frequency Fatigue Testing

Determine peak low range frequencies of cannon fire
Miles will take research, Hailey & Miles in researching cannon recordings
Build test rig
Dylan will be taking ownership of this, parts ordered
Replicate frequencies to load windows (in accordance to displacement data collected during testing)
Hailey will look into getting speakers from tech crew
Repeat cyclical loading (1 blast every ~10 sec) until window shows increased damage or failure.
Dilan will work on determining location: will need access to power, generating noise so can be bothersome, 5ft x 5ft space minimum needed, can talk to Christine Fisher, time needed around 2.5 hour testing sessions

Proposed Tests:

public/Photo Gallery/test setup.PNG

Expected Results

Risk and Problem Tracking

Design Review Materials

Plans for Next Phase

As an individual on the team, what are you doing to help your team achieve these goals? (Use the individual 3-week plan template for this)

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