P19454: GCVM Noise Reduction

Imagine RIT

Background & Scope

GCV&M is the largest living Museum in New York and the third largest living museum in the United States. Staff, volunteers, and reenactors bring history alive through various events around the year. Their Civil War Reenactment & Encampment event brings hundreds of visitors to the museum every summer. GCV&M is unique for hosting battles within the village and among the historic buildings of the museum.

However, they noticed an increase in damage to the old glass windows during this time of year. Senior Design team P19454 has been working with GCV&M and artillery groups to identify how the cannons impact the windows. The team will focus on identifying any issues caused by the cannon and recommending best practice solutions for GCV&M.

Our Exhibit

Our team will be exhibiting with Reynolds Battery to discuss the work being done for the project. They will be displaying their 3" ordinance rifle that was used during testing.

Staff members of GCV&M who are in charge of glazing and maintaining the windows will also be present to answer questions.

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