P19454: GCVM Noise Reduction

Integrated System Build & Test

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Team Vision for Integrated System Build & Test Phase

What did your team plan to do during this phase?

What did your team actually accomplish during this phase?

Test Results Summary

Goal: Meet Engineering Requirements 1,2, and 5.


The following items were used to test the window panes against recorded cannon fire:
public/Photo Gallery/new_putty.jpg

Expected Results

Our team expected to learn the following from conducting these test firings:

Fixture Testing

Proof of concept testing was completed to ensure the audio setup could output sound at appropriately high levels and that the test setup was functioning as intended. We found no faults in our system and continued to the next step.

public/Photo Gallery/poc_setup.jpg

High Speed Testing

We used Dr. Kinsman's high speed camera to capture the displacement of the window caused by the sound waves. They were not as high as initially predicted, even at max volume. Note that the sound was exceeding the volume experienced at GCV&M during our on-site test.

public/Photo Gallery/balcony_test.jpg

Future Testing

The problem seems to be the output of the amp. currently waiting on contacts to get back to us about a stronger bass amplifier to more accurately replicate the sound wave. An air cannon is also being sought out as a backup to replicate the blast for testing.(courtesy Blackbox Biometrics)

Risk and Problem Tracking

Functional Demo Materials

Plans for Next Phase

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