P19462: Solar Powered 3D Printer

Build & Test Prep

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Team Vision for Build & Test Prep Phase

In the beginning of the semester the team was faced with a major scope change. Do to circumstances related to issues sourcing our desired laser module, the team was forced to evaluate several alternatives to the initial project design. The alternatives included: using a laser module from Hyrel 3D; restoring a former 3-axis mill MSD project; and integrating a plastic drying system. In the end the team decided to move forward with with integrating the plastic drying system. for more information on what trade offs were looked at please browse through this Design Trade Offs folder for more information regarding process capabilities and pros and cons.

The following are the goals the team had set for this phase:

The following are the accomplishments of the team in this phase:

Test Plan Summary

The link to the full test plan can be found here

Risk and Problem Tracking

Build and Test Prep, Risk Pareto Chart

Build and Test Prep, Risk Pareto Chart

Design Review Materials

As the team passed the gate review for MSD I, there was no design review performed in this phase. There were, however, extensive discussions regarding the additional functionality to be integrated with the system.

Plans for next phase

As a team, where do you want to be in three weeks at your next review? As a team we have scheduled our first Demo on February 19th. For the demo the table will be focused on tree main goals.
Build and Test Prep, Gantt Chart & Project Timeline

Build and Test Prep, Gantt Chart & Project Timeline

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