P19462: Solar Powered 3D Printer

Customer Handoff & Final Project Documentation

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In this phase the team planned to finalize the assembly of the design, the project documentation in the technical paper and the poster. The team also wanted to convert the system into a form in which it would be easy to ship, as well as transport once the final system got to Colombia.

The team was able to finalize the assembly of the design and have a successful and engaging exhibit at Imagine RIT. The technical paper and posters were also completed in time. The team is still working to reconfigure the design to enable easy shipping.

Test Results Summary

In this section, the team reflects on the test plan generated in the earlier portions of the MSD course as well as their efficacy in testing the engineering and customer requirements.

Inputs & Source

The test plan that was proposed at the beginning of the second course in MSD can be found here.The proposed test plan was very effective in evaluating the ability of the system to meet requirements.

All of the subsystems were able to be successfully integrated and the system is able to produce successful prints running off the solar powered battery or off the grid. The printer is also able to accept plastic pellets and print at a low failure rate. The system also fails gracefully when there is a disruption of power supply.

Outputs & Destination

The testing of the system showed that a majority of the requirements were satisfied by the final system. The requirements that were not satisfied include additional functionality and minimal print speed. The additional functionality considered for the project were feasible due to limited time and resources, or the impossibility of physical realization. The print speed needed to be reduced in order to prevent the pellet extruder from under-extruding.

Risk and Problem Tracking

The most recent risk management document is available at this link. The likelihood of all of the risks pertaining to construction and building have been driven to zero, thus their importance values are also driven to zero.

As the system is still yet to be transported, the only risks that remain are those that pertain to transport and the daily use of the system.

Final Project Documentation, Risk Pareto Chart

Final Project Documentation, Risk Pareto Chart

Final Project Documentation

Plans for Wrap-up

In order to conclude the project, the team needs to break down the final system and have it ready for shipping to Colombia. The final gate review has been completed, and the team is actively working on preparing the final system for transportation.

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