P19462: Solar Powered 3D Printer

Subsystem Build & Test

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Team Vision for Subsystem Level Build & Test Phase

In this phase, the team planned to:

The team was able to accomplish most of the goals set for the current phase, and is still in the process of ordering parts for the cart.

Test Results Summary

In this phase of the project, the team tested the functionality of the printing system with the integration of the pellet extruder and the functionality of the power system.

To test the functionality of the print system, the team tried to perform a variety of prints using a pellet-feed as opposed to a filament feed. While most of the prints succeeded, initially there was a problem with the pellet extruder skipping steps and thus under-extruding. In order to solve this problem, the extruder temperature was increased and the print speed was reduced to 14mm/s.

To test the functionality of the power system, the team investigated the ability of the solar panels to charge the system battery, and then the ability of the battery to power the printer for a non-trivial amount of time.

The solar panels successfully charged the battery and the battery was in turn able to power the printer for a decent amount of time.

Risk and Problem Tracking

Below is the updated Risk Pareto chart for the Subsystem Build & Test phase.
Subsystem Build & Test, Risk Pareto Chart

Subsystem Build & Test, Risk Pareto Chart

Majority of the deltas between the previous and current phase arise from the elimination of the risks due to the laser. Most of the new risks involved the construction of the cart and the 3D-printing of system parts, such as the hopper.

The most recently updated risk management document can be found here

Plans for next phase

In the next phase, the team hopes to have fully assembled the cart and have made some superficial changes to the outer system design in order to provide a more sleek appearance. The team also hopes to have made significant steps in the system assembly.

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