P19501: Blind Turn Warning System

Build & Test Prep

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Team Vision for Build & Test Prep Phase

Throughout this phase we plan on getting reaclimated to be a high performing team, after a good summer break. As such we will be doing a detailed analysis of our previous work, including but not limited to our schedule, documentation, current parts inventory, and assigned tasks. With a refresh of this information we plan on starting to integrating our components together. The main goal in this category will be to successfully get our radar working with the proper firmware and pair that with the raspberry pi. With the new firmware our radar will be much more capable right out of the box to perform the task(s) we need. While some teammates continue this component integration phase, others will begin to work through our test plan procedure. All the while, our risks and BOM will be managed accordingly.

Test Plan Summary

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Risk and Problem Tracking

Active Risks

Inactive Risks

Bill of Material (BOM)

Design Review Materials

Our Build & Test Prep Review presentation was given on September 5, 2019.

Plans for next phase

In the next phase, we plan to continue system integration and around half of our test list. The main objective is to diagnose our radar unit and continue our conversations with the manufactures support team. This is necessary to get the radar working with he appropriate firmware version. Once completed, the radar and pi software can be finalized. With the software done we can have half the team work on completing our test plan while the other half finalizes the design for the waterproof casing. During the test plan portion we are aiming to achieve another big milestone: Pi and Radar test with vehicles in a real life simulation on the road.

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Individual Plans

Member Link to plan
Patrick Landers Link to document
Vu Le Link to document
Danielle Fischer Link to document
Ricky Witherspoon Link to document

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