P19501: Blind Turn Warning System

Customer Handoff & Final Project Documentation

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Team Vision for Final Demo and Handoff

During this phase, the objective was to finish implementing the final products and designing the housing. Additionally, we have documented the entire project and made several recommendations for the future work. The technical paper and poster were successfully submitted to the office.

Test Results Summary

public/Photo Gallery/TxRx2.PNG
public/Photo Gallery/teamPic.jpeg

Videos of test can be found here.

Risk and Problem Tracking

Inactive Risks

Final Project Documentation


public/Photo Gallery/bomSLBTI.png

Performance VS Requirements

public/Photo Gallery/pvr.PNG

Electrical Diagrams

public/Photo Gallery/In_Car_Diagram.PNG

Housing Diagrams

public/Photo Gallery/housing1.png
public/Photo Gallery/housing2.png

Recommendations for future work

Functional Demo Materials

public/Photo Gallery/Base.png
public/Photo Gallery/InCarDevice.png
public/Photo Gallery/Radar1.png
public/Photo Gallery/Radar2.png


Currently, the technical and physical design and implementation of the device is complete. Since this project was a proofof- concept design, actual implementation in the real world will not be completed through this course. The device would require town, and possibly county permits to be able to place it next to the road. It would probably also have to be certified that it is reliable enough to use, and contracts would need to be made in order to sell this product to users, for liability concerns.

The P19501 team has made several recommendations for future work and included them in the technical paper that can be found above.

Individual Plans

Member Link to plan
Patrick Landers Link to document
Vu Le Link to document
Danielle Fischer Link to document
Ricky Witherspoon Link to document

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