P19501: Blind Turn Warning System


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Problem Statement

Merging into traffic from an intersection requires an unobstructed view from both directions and enough time to join and match the current speed of traffic. Those already in traffic need to be vigilant of new drivers joining the flow of traffic and given enough time and space to stop if necessary. There is an intersection on Penfield Road, exiting from Allen’s Creek Valley (ACV) development that is ‘blind’ from the right to traffic coming up a hill shortly before the intersection. This could potentially be the cause of many accidents when the residents attempt to pull out to the left, to join the traffic cresting the hill. Speeds up the hill are typically 45 mph (the speed limit is 35 mph). An immediate issue to those pulling out is the oncoming traffic from the right. Currently, Allen's Creek Valley development has no such system near the hill with an intersection.

The goal of this project is to design a system that can be deployed in vehicles that would give the driver information about the traffic coming up the hill that has not come into view in a safe, effective manner, fail proof. The end result should be a concept prototype that can be pitched as an example system. The design must be able to identify any oncoming traffic, present the information easily, fail safely, function in all types of weather, and the power requirement must be within the limits of of a standard car plug.

View from Intersection

View from Intersection

Project Name
Blind Turn Warning System
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Faculty Guide
Jim Whritenor
Donald Pophal
Primary Customer
David Perlman

Team Members

Patrick Landers, Ricky Witherspoon, Vu Le, Danielle Fischer

Patrick Landers, Ricky Witherspoon, Vu Le, Danielle Fischer

Member Role Contact
Danielle Fischer Communications dmf6080@rit.edu
Ricky Witherspoon Facilitator rsw3139@rit.edu
Patrick Landers Lead Engineer pxl9588@rit.edu
Vu Le Project Manager vql6546@rit.edu
Jim Whritenor Guide jawhritenor@gmail.com
Donald Pophal Guide dwpddm@rit.edu

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