P19501: Blind Turn Warning System

Integrated System Build & Test

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Team Vision for Integrated System Build & Test Phase

Some of our goals for this phase included testing the new radar, finishing the software for wireless communication, and negating some risks that have popped up do to the time restraints. Additionally we shall continue the plans from last phase that got put on hold such as continuing component integration, fleshing our our test plan procedure, and managing our risks and BOM will be accordingly.

Test Results Summary

We were able to connect the Raspberry Pi Zero W to the radio transmitter and transmit a signal to the FM receiver. The signal transmission is demonstrated by the LED at the transmitter being turned on, and the signal being received is demonstrated by the LED at the receiver being turned on. In addition to this lLED turning on a buzzer now acts as a secondary audible alarm for oncoming vehicles. This was all tested while having a vehicle drive by our radar board, and relaying the signal for an approaching vehicle via the FM transmitter. This was then picked up by our base station to output the LED and buzzer signal.
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Videos of test can be found here.

Test Documentation

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Electrical Diagrams

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Risk and Problem Tracking

Active Risks

Main Highlights

Inactive Risks

Bill of Material (BOM)

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Design Review Materials

Our System Level Build, Test, and Integration presentation was given on October 31, 2019.

Plans for next phase

The plan for the next phase is to completely integrate all of our subsystems in the first week in order to give use enough time to do weather testing. Once finally assembly, housing and our testing is all complete we will work on updating our documentation in preparation to hand off our design to the customer.
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Individual Plans

Member Link to plan
Patrick Landers Link to document
Vu Le Link to document
Danielle Fischer Link to document
Ricky Witherspoon Link to document

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