P19571: Solar Spectrograph

Integrated System Build & Test

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Team Vision for Integrated System Build & Test Phase

Plan for this phase was to keep working on the development of parent software. Figure out why the dish is not able to make linear actuator move, double check all the wiring schematic from team 18571 design to verify everything is connected correctly. The status light code has been written but it's unable to run because of missing header file so start the debugging process and finally start performing various software test. The team was able to accomplish this phase.

Test Results Summary

The test plans are still on hold because the full integrating system is not working correctly yet. Status light is giving a problem with MSP 430 board, the software Code Composer studio is freezing running at the code.
 Test Plans

Test Plans

 Customer Test

Customer Test

Requirement and Testing

Risk and Problem Tracking

 Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment

problem tracking.

Plans for next phase

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