P19590: Low Cost Fundus Imaging


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The fundus of the eye, medically, provides two invaluable functions in regards to collecting data on the health of a patient. First, it allows ophthalmologists a visual of the retina, optic disc, and macula. Second, the fundus of the eye provides an unobstructed view of capillary beds granting medical professionals a vital look into the health of the rest of the body - particularly with respect to diabetics.

The main issues making fundus photography inaccessible to over 400 million people worldwide is the usability and portability. Current offerings in the fundus camera market require some combination of well-trained staff to operate the device, expensive and specialized facilities to house the camera, and the expensive equipment itself. Additionally, these cameras commonly require the use of mydriasis - extended dilation of the pupil - which can be time consuming for the patient and the doctor, and often encourages patients to skip or not schedule appointments given their unwillingness of inability to commit such a large amount of time.

Through this project we plan to create a fundus camera that is capable of capturing photographs of the fundus of the eye sufficient for screening, can achieve portability throughout, at minimum, a single clinic, and either exceeds or is on-par with current camera offerings with respect to cost.

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Low Cost Fundus Camera
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Dr. Susan Farnand, susan.farnand@rit.edu
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Prof. Christye Sisson, Dr. Rajeev Ramchandran
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Tomer Artzi BME Lead Engineer txa2484@rit.edu public/Photo Gallery/TeamPicture.jpg
Erin Cherry ME Communications ehc2210@rit.edu
Alden Davidson CE Project Manager agd5380@rit.edu
Jake Krajewski EE Purchasing jbk1514@g.rit.edu
Myers Weidner Physics Optics Design

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