P19591: AI For the Hospitality Industry


Facial Recognition Technology

Facial Recognition Technology

Project Summary


Better Business Butler is working on the Augmented Human Intelligence Project! The overall goal of this project is to use facial recognition software to be able to identify members of a country club when they enter the facility. Once the member has been recognized by the system, the system will output an ID photo and name to assist the waitstaff in recognizing a large number of members.

The project is a proof-of-concept for the club member identification problem a country club faces and is a piece of a broader final goal of providing a more personalized experience to club members. The result of this project could be used by later projects for the country club to integrate into their existing customer service systems, design a staff-friendly interface, or autonomously catalog member preferences.

Team Members

Better Business Butler: Kollin, Marissa, Tom, Rory, Joel, Jed

Better Business Butler: Kollin, Marissa, Tom, Rory, Joel, Jed

Member Major Role Contact
Marissa McCarthy Industrial & Systems Engineer Project Manager mam8365@rit.edu
Joel Yuhas Computer Engineer Lead Facilitator jxy8307@rit.edu
Kollin Brakefield Mechanical Engineer Lead Financial Advisor klb4508@rit.edu
Jed Katz Electrical Engineer Lead Hardware Engineer jtk5573@rit.edu
Tom Papish Computer Engineer Lead Software Engineer twp5160@rit.edu
Rory McHenry Electrical Engineer Lead AI Specialist rbm9208@rit.edu

Phase Documents

Phase I Documents Phase II Documents Phase III Documents Phase IV Documents MSD I Review Phase V Documents Phase VI Documents Phase VII Documents End Documents

Project Readiness Package

Engineering Requirements

Customer v. Engineering Requirements

Problem Statement

Project Goals

Risk Managment

Use Scenarios

Project Plan

Revised Customer Requirements

Revised Engineering Requirements

Revised Risk Assessment

Revised Use Scenario

High-Level System Overview

Functional Decomposition

Information Flow

Prototype Plan

Gannt Chart

Facial Recognition Benchmarking

Human Subject Testing Letter

Review Slides

Processor Benchmarking

Risk Mitigation

Test pans S1 & S3

Test pans S2 & S4

Database Diagram

Benchmakring API

Benchmarking Camera Processors

Benchmarking Cameras

Benchmarking Server

Data Table

Henry's Revisit Questions

Interface Diagram

List of Software

Block Diagram

Functional Decomposition

IV Presentation

IV To Do Checklist

Engineering Specs.

S1 & S3 Test Plan

S2 & S4 Test Plan

Use Case

Team Self Critique

Gate Review

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Engineering Specification

Test Plan S1 & S3

Test Plan S2 & S4

Test Plan S9

Test Plan S11

Prototype Schedule

Budget Increase

Celebrity Matches

Gannt Chart

Problem Tracker

Risk Mitigation


Test Plan


Problem Tracker

Risk Mitigation

Test Notes

Test Plan

Project Plan


Lightning Slide

Technical Paper

Performance vs Requirements

System Setup Guide

Project Summary

Project Details

Project Information
Project Name
Better Business Butler
Project Number
Start Term
End Term
Faculty Guide
George Slack, gbseee@rit.edu
Faculty Guide
Steve Pellow, spellow117@gmail.com
Primary Customer
Dr. Clark Hochgraf, cghiee@rit.edu
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