P19603: Rod Feeding Mechanism

Integrated System Build & Test

Table of Contents

Team Vision for Integrated System Build & Test Phase

public/Integration Documents/MSD2Phase3Summary.jpg

Budget and Purchasing Update

Items purchased:

Live BOM Here

public/Photo Gallery/Budget_Breakdown_ISD.png

Total budget usage: $1626.50 out of $2500

No remaining expected spend.

System Integration


Totally reworked:

public/Photo Gallery/Electronics_SubAssembly_ISD.jpg


Integrated sensors for fill detection and assembled.

public/Photo Gallery/Sensor_Holder.jpg

Cover added to the Agitator Motor

public/Photo Gallery/Agitator_Holder.jpg

Light tower stand was added:

public/Photo Gallery/Light_Tower_Stand.jpg


Final feeder iteration completed, sensors integrated.

Tested for robustness with bent rod:


public/Photo Gallery/Feeding_Block_V3.jpg

Feeding tube manufactured

public/Photo Gallery/Feeding_Tube.jpg


The code has been updated to run a simulated machine condition. Error handling and hopper sensor calibration still needs to be completed.

The current live code is here


Full Assembly

public/Photo Gallery/Full_Assembly.jpg


We have run preliminary integrated systems testing. So far the device runs very reliably and meets feed rate spec.

Video of Full Assembly : https://youtu.be/dlEGHN0QB68

Risk and Problem Tracking

Risk Update:

Most risks addressed now, remaining is electrical integration.

public/Integration Documents/MSD2Phase3Risk.jpg

Problem Tracking Update: There have been no problems as yet.

Plans for Imagine RIT

Plans for next phase

Where are we?:

High Level Overview of MSD 2

High Level Overview of MSD 2

Detailed Phase 4 plan:

public/Integration Documents/MSD2Phase4Plan.png

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