P19603: Rod Feeding Mechanism

Planning & Execution

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Intellectual Property Considerations

It is highly unlikely that this project will develop anything that could be protected by intellectual property, but in the event that it does the team has agreed to leave everything to the public domain.

Team Setup


Member Role Contact
James Boyers Project Manager jmb3481@g.rit.edu
Joshua Hilton Mechanical Lead jsh4523@g.rit.edu
Mathias Mereles Electrical Lead mxm7102@g.rit.edu
Ryan Hollender Purchasing rxh4189@rit.edu
Mark Brown Edge Lord mrb5142@rit.edu
Connor Connaughton Gatekeeper cpc3083@g.rit.edu

Skills, Expertise, and Gaps

Link to live document here.

Based on this document the team believes we have all necessary skills for this project (no relevant skill gaps).

Team Values and Norms

The live document for all team norms can be found here:Values and Norms

Key norms are highlighted below:



Project Plans & Schedules

Day to day assignment of tasks is done through Asana, a project management app.

A sample of how its used and proof of what the team has completed is shown:



The WBS is broken down by phase for this project. The live document can be found here.

Based on this WBS the team uses ProjectLibre to create a project plan and gantt chart.

Phase 1 draft schedule

Phase 1 draft schedule

Phase 2 draft schedule

Phase 2 draft schedule

Risk Assessment and Growth Curves

Preliminary risk assessment has been completed and will be updated each phase or as new risks are identified.

The live document for Risk Assessment can be found here:Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment Table

Risk Assessment Table

Cost Structure

Subject to change at Dr. Cormier's discretion.

Tentative budget: $2500

Expenses Cost
Rod stock for testing $150
Microcontroller & Electronics $350
Housing & Attachments $700
Prototyping & Disposable parts $200
Imagine RIT & Display $100
Risk & Breakage $375 (25% of above)
Total $1875

Other Team Resources

Planned meeting space: Gordon Atrium, MSD design center.

Planned storage space: Locker in MSD design center.

Planned build space: The Construct.

Meeting Minutes, Notes, & Actions

Meeting minutes are taken at each meeting by one team member (the role rotates). The documents can be found in this subdirectory.

Peer Reviews

Peer reviews will be stored in this subdirectory.

Project Reviews

Preparation, notes and actions, etc. Refer to Gate Reviews page, as well.

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