P19661: Waterproofing Material Impregnation


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The goal of our project is to develop a process to create a new type of waterproof fabric to be made into a swim cap. Our customer is Tess Padmore, owner of Egghead Soques, a company focused on creating a variety of head wear products geared towards people with locs, braids, dreads, and thick hair. Tess would like to add an underwater swimming soque to her product line. The motivation behind this project is to make a cap that is accommodating to African American hair types, and to provide a way for more African American children and adults to learn how to swim, without being hindered by their hair style. The hope is to decrease historically high drowning rates amongst African American children.

Our goal is to develop a process to impregnate a fabric with a waterproof material, which in turn will be sewn into a soque. The final prototypes must be stretchable and comfortable to wear. Also, the final process must be able to be scaled up to full production.

Please watch the video below which summarizes the results of the project.

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Project Name
Waterproofing Material Impregnation System
Project Number
Start Term
End Term
Faculty Guide
Don Pophal
Primary Customer
Tess Padmore, Bob Harmony
Sponsor (financial support)
Tess Padmore
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Team Members

Alicia Regueiro Restoy, Lauren Shelley, Gabi Cole, Shelby Kunker, Lexi Carin

Alicia Regueiro Restoy, Lauren Shelley, Gabi Cole, Shelby Kunker, Lexi Carin

Member Role Contact
Gabi Cole Engineering Lead (ME) gsc3346@rit.edu
Lexi Carin Facilitator (ISE) lxc5048@g.rit.edu
Shelby Kunker Purchasing (ME) slk1726@rit.edu
Alicia Regueiro Restoy Communications (ISE/BUS) ar3215@g.rit.edu
Lauren Shelley Project Manager (ISE/EM) les9225@rit.edu

Further Information

If you want to know more about this project please contact someone from the team for further information or follow this link to our private page