P19667: Accordion Valve Manufacture


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Objective Statement:

Manufacturing system to produce reed valves for accordion restorations by Scott Bellinger.

Accordion reed valves are assumed to be manufactured in Italy at a rate of 7,000 reeds per year. Our customer guesses that this figure is expected to grow to 20,000 per year within the next 4 years. The cost associated with international shipping outweighs the benefits of outsourcing production across seas. The purpose of this project is to create the first US manufacturing system for this assembly. There is potential for future business from restoration establishments in the USA and elsewhere to further increase yearly production and reduce the time for return of investment.

With a budget of $1000, Bellingers Button Boxes wishes to develop a table top manufacturing system for the production of accordion reed valves. These valves are comprised of 2 or 3 different length layers of thin, flexible plastic film. The output product of the manufacturing system will adhere these layers at one end that, additionally, may or may not have a hole on said end. Functionally, the valve blocks airflow in one direction while allowing air to flow in the opposite direction. The manufacturing system itself should be able to run in a single cycle mode as well as a fully automatic mode with a programmable counter to end the automatic run.

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Team Name
Tune Squad 7
Project Name
Accordion Valve Manufacture
Project Number
Start Term
End Term
Faculty Guide
Gerry Garavuso, gxgddm@g.rit.edu
Primary Customer
Scott Bellinger
Sponsor (financial support)
Bellingers Button Boxes

Team Members

Tune Squad 7

Tune Squad 7

Member Role Contact Major
Jobi Reibson Project Manager/Communications jrr4185@rit.edu ISE
Kelly Rogers Coordinator kr3656@rit.edu MECE
Iain Tracton Lead Mechanical Engineer ixt5396@rit.edu MECE
Jake Oleyourryk Lead Electrical Engineer jdo9576@rit.edu EE
Ray Martin Purchaser rjm9349@rit.edu MECE
Ben Maxwell Software Architect brm1921@rit.edu CE
Matthew Kinn Facilitator mxk5168@rit.edu ISE

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A special thank you to Scott Bellinger for both sponsoring this but also being a wonderful source of information. Also to our guide, Gerry Garavuso, always with us to uncover new unseen problems and keeping us on track.