P19709: Hilltop Container Intake


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The Hilltop Business Services bottle intake program employs individuals who are developmentally disabled in positions where they collect and sort used cans and bottles to be returned to manufacturers. Four to seven employees work under a single supervisor to accept containers from customers, empty the containers if still full, and sort the containers based on brand. Since some of the employees have difficulty reading, the containers that pose the biggest challenge are water bottles that look very similar. Currently, no bar code scanner or assistive electronic device is used in the sorting process.

The goal of this project is to first do an in depth analysis of current bottle processing, and use this to ultimately increase overall bottle capacity. OSHA safety regulations and accommodation of physical and developmental disabilities must be maintained, while addressing current challenges/bottlenecks with process improvements and possible aids. Prototypes of any aids as well as in-context validation data and pass down documentation should be provided to the customer. Project and results must be presented at NYSID-CREATE Symposium.

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Project Name
Hilltop Container Intake
Project Number
Project Family
Hilltop Business Services Process Improvements
Start Term
End Term
Faculty Guide
John Kaemmerlen - jxkpdm@rit.edu
Primary Customer
Judy Welch, floor supervisor - jwelch@lwarc.org
Mike Fitch - Mfitch@lwarc.org
Sponsor (financial support)
NYSID - CREATE, https://www.nysid.org/about-us/contact-us/

Team Members

From left to right: Catherine Krawiec, Jeff Tyssee, Patrick Finnerty, Hunter Hoffman, Andrew Hayden

From left to right: Catherine Krawiec, Jeff Tyssee, Patrick Finnerty, Hunter Hoffman, Andrew Hayden

Member Role Contact
Catherine Krawiec Lead Engineer cak9027@rit.edu
Hunter Hoffman Facilitator hrh1185@g.rit.edu
Patrick Finnerty Project Manager pef4740@g.rit.edu
Jeff Tyssee Communication Lead jxt7635@rit.edu
Andrew Hayden Purchasing Coordinator agh7806@rit.edu

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Planning & Execution

Project Photos and Videos

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Gate Reviews

Problem Definition

Systems Design

Preliminary Detailed Design

Detailed Design

Build & Test Prep

Subsystem Build & Test

Integrated System Build & Test

Customer Handoff & Final Project Documentation (Verification & Validation)

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Risk Management

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Use Cases


Functional Decomposition

Morphological Chart

Pugh Concept Selection


Mechanical Drawings

Electrical Schematics

Software Diagrams

Facility Layout



Test Fixtures


Test Plans

Analysis Results


Test Results

Design Review Documents

Technical Paper


Imagine RIT Exhibit


Our team would like to extend a big thanks to all the employees at Hilltop who have supported us through our efforts during this project at their facility. We couldn't have done it without you! Special recognitions to the following staff: