P19725: RIT Food Share Inventory Tracking

Customer Handoff & Final Project Documentation

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Team Vision for Final Demo and Handoff

During this final phase, we set out to complete the test plans and standard work to ensure that both were ready to hand over to our customer. We put our inventory management system, The FIT, Food Inventory Tracking system to the test to ensure successful performance results. The team utilized the MSD test plans document to follow a standard procedure while testing and documenting our engineering requirements. We were also to finalize the standard work documents, as well as receive feedback from the employees about what needed to get adjusted on them to make them more intuitive. In addition to this, we needed to complete all of the final documentation of the project. This included the writing or our technical paper, the creation of the project poster, the creation of training aids to be used in future employee training, and the completion/revision of our EDGE site. We were able to accomplish all of this so that anyone looking back on our project would be able to very clearly see the work that we did and how the FIT works. Since we are nearing the end of the semester, our overarching goal was to make sure that the FIT System was entirely ready to hand over to our customer and through the completion of the proper documentation, we believe that she is ready to take control of the FIT System.

Test Results Summary

The table below is a high level summary of our important test plans. We selected the ones that highlight the successes of the project. The metric the new FIT system performed the best on was the frequency of inventory updates. The Ideal value was less than 1 day, with the FIT system the inventory is updated every push of a button, equating to about 1 second.

public/Photo Gallery/test plan.JPG

Risk and Problem Tracking

Below represents the risk growth curve showing the sum of importance throughout all design phases. The importance value reached 1202 in the Preliminary Detailed Design Review Phase, and is now at 9 at the end of the project. The team invested time to ensure all important risks were mitigated before the project was completed. The one risk remaining relates to FoodShare losing access to the laptop that is currently being used. This is out of the team's control but is reliant on current communication between our customer and ITS.

public/Photo Gallery/risk importance.JPG

Final Project Documentation

Click HERE to view the team's poster!

Click HERE to view the team's technical paper!

Click HERE to access the final FIT System!

Functional Demo Materials

This phase we have refined out standard work and compiled them into one official document for for handoff to the customer. This Standard Work will be used to reference as needed and assist in training new employees.

The table below shows that all standard work has been completed. The term Process Developed indicates that the team has determined the process for completing the task. Process Tested means that the team has tested and verified the process is sufficient for completing the task. Standard Work Documentation is completed when we have created a physical standard work document.

public/Photo Gallery/StdWorkProgress3.JPG

Click Here to view all Standard Work Documentation

Plans for Wrap-up

The visual below represents the team's planned last steps before the project is completed. There is a considerable amount of work to be completed but completing these tasks will ensure a successful project hand-off.

public/Photo Gallery/plans for wrap upss.JPG

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