P19725: RIT Food Share Inventory Tracking

Detailed Design

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Team Vision for Detailed Design Phase

Main bullet is what we planned to or wanted to accomplish

Sub-bullet is the action(s) we took to accomplish these goals

Progress Report

The team tracks our progress using Trello where we are able to assign ownership to various tasks. Trello is also able to track what has been completed and what will need to be completed in the future. The second part of each statement above in the Team Vision shows the progress that was made during this phase.

Prototyping, Engineering Analysis, Simulation

To test the IMS, we developed 3 scenarios that may occur when a staff member is using the system.

The scenarios include:

• Customer checkout time

• Customer checkout time while employee references category table that explains which food items goes into which category

• Customer checkout time for an employee who is unfamiliar with the system

Below are some iterations of the time studies conducted:

public/Photo Gallery/IMSTimeStudy.PNG

As we continue experimentation with the replenishment board, we are seeking to determine its usefulness. The team updated the Replenishment Board with the 5 most demanded categories by customers and reworded the employee instructions.

Below is a picture of the updated Replenishment Board along with some changes:

public/Photo Gallery/ReplenBoard2.PNG

Drawings, Schematics, Flow Charts, Simulations

Categorized Customer Shelving This phase we set out to categorize customer shelving as a stepping stone toward implementing our Inventory Management System.

When deciding how to reorganize the customer shelving, it is very important to have an accurate layout of the room. This includes making sure we account for all of the available shelving space, as well as accurately accounting for all the dead and unusable space. It is also important to have accurate measurements of the room and shelving, as well as the size of the items that will be going on the shelves in order to make sure there will be room for everything.

public/Photo Gallery/ShelfSpace.PNG

Next, we determined how much shelf space each category is using, and how much we plan to use:

public/Photo Gallery/ShelfSpaceAllocation.PNG

The team then grouped the categories to assist in deciding where it makes sense to put each category on the shelves:

public/Photo Gallery/Grouping.PNG

After the planning was completed, it was time to implement categorized shelving:

public/Photo Gallery/BeforeCat.PNG

public/Photo Gallery/AfterCat.PNG

Digital Inventory Management System (IMS) Changes Below is the cover page the staff will be using during customer checkout. Nothing was changed this phase but we did outline some future potential changes:

public/Photo Gallery/IMSD1.PNG

This is a revamped version of the Receiving Worksheet. Some changes included adding a purchased and donated toggle, along with the name of the donor:

public/Photo Gallery/IMSD2.PNG

The Inventory Tracker was moved to its own worksheet to avoid accidental changes during staff use on the cover page:

public/Photo Gallery/IMSD3.PNG

The logs were updated to reflect the changes made above on the other worksheets:

public/Photo Gallery/IMSD4.PNG

The newest addition to the Digital IMS is the Report Generation Worksheet. This tab will be used to generate data driven reports between two dates using the logs shown above:

public/Photo Gallery/IMSD5.PNG

Bill of Material (BOM)

The team has still not purchased anything up to this point. Potential purchases may include:

After doing initial research, none of these potential purchases would put us over budget. However, the team will continue to monitor while moving forward.

Test Plans

The team has continued to develop test plans. Next phase we will begin testing.

Below is an overview of the test plans that have been set up:

public/Photo Gallery/TestPlanD.PNG

Click Here to download the test plans document.

Design and Flowcharts

All material related to designs and flowcharts are in the 'Drawings, Schematics, Flow Charts, Simulations' section above.

Risk Assessment

The team has continued to re-evaluate risks associated with our project.

For a complete list of risks which we have compiled thus far, please visit: Risk Management

Design Review Materials

We will be presenting a power point presentation at our upcoming design review. Click HERE to download the power point.

Plans for next phase

public/Photo Gallery/NPD.PNG

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