P19725: RIT Food Share Inventory Tracking


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The FoodShare Center is a program that improves food insecurity on campus by providing free food to students in need. Frozen, chilled, and shelf food are donated by on-campus and off-campus organizations and individuals. The FoodShare is staffed mostly by volunteers. There are several key processes at the FoodShare Center that are manual, and include some tedious and or inefficient movements. There are also some situations that require volunteers to be away from their primary desk, which can leave them feeling insecure.

The goal of this project is to analyze the current process to identify opportunities for improvement. The main areas of focus are tracking demand rates, having real-time knowledge of supply, and reducing the effort required for manual tasks. The desired end result of this project is an efficient inventory management system and a set of improved processes that allow the FoodShare Center to meet the demand of students at RIT who need its services. The inventory management system must meet all regulatory requirements, be usable by the current volunteers / workers, and be workable in the current building.

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Team Name
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Project Name
RIT Food Share Inventory Process Improvements
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Faculty Guide
John Kaemmerlen, jxkpdm@rit.edu
Primary Customer
Sharon Kompalla-Porter

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public/Photo Gallery/Tyler.JPG Tyler Bauer ISE tmb1235@rit.edu
public/Photo Gallery/Mike.JPG Mike Huntley ISE msh8077@rit.edu
public/Photo Gallery/Pat.JPG Patrick Maisel ISE pmm3278@rit.edu
public/Photo Gallery/Ryan.JPG Ryan Nugent ISE rxn4164@rit.edu

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Detailed Design

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Integrated System Build & Test

Customer Handoff & Final Project Documentation (Verification & Validation)

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There are a ton of acknowledgments to be made, as the team got a lot of help throughout the system. The first main acknowledgments to be made is the customer, Sharon. Sharon was flexible throughout the system and provided a lot of value-added feedback and project ideas. Without her commitment and drive, this project couldn’t have been completed. Another acknowledgments is FoodShare employees. The employees were accepting of new ideas, and eager to interact with the FIT system. The system is only successful if the employees used it. Also, the visitors of FoodShare should be recognized. Dealing with the experiments and changes, they were receptive and accepting. The team’s guide, Professor Kaemmerlen also contributed a lot of the team’s success. He was supportive and helped give the team innovate ideas. The list of acknowledgments goes on and on, but the team would also like to thank: MSD Teachers, CrossRoads Manager, IISE Group, Graduate Student at FoodShare, Perinton FoodShelf, and RIT’s ITS.