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Integrated System Build & Test

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Team Vision for Integrated System Build & Test Phase

During the Integrated System Build and Test phase, we really tried to focus on the continued roll-out of the FIT System, improvements based off user feedback, and completion of test plans and standard works. During this phase, we rolled-out phase 2, the visitor checkout page. This page has the bulk of the user interface, so it was really important that we introduced it early to ensure ample time for user feedback. We have been monitoring the employee feedback loop and have actually adjusted the system based on suggestions. The majority of adjustments that we have made based off of feedback have been functionality focused and making sure that the system works. In addition to making physical improvements to the FIT System, we also continued to work on Test Plans and Standard Works. Throughout this phase, we completed all of the test plans, and they have all been completed successfully. We are currently in the process of ensuring that all the test data is documented, and the proper documentation is complete. In addition, we completed standard works for the tasks included in the rolled-out phases. This includes the checkout process, the processing of food, and removing expired food from inventory.

Test Results Summary

During this phase, we were able to execute multiple test plans in the attempt to further validate the success of our project. The picture below is a visual for the test plan process and does a very nice job laying out all of the test plans that were created in previous phases. The full test plan can be accessed through the link provided below. Each Test Plan was associated with an Engineering Requirement, and the description of that Engineering Requirement can be seen. In addition to this, each Engineering Requirement was given an importance level of 9, 3 or 1, with 9 being of high importance and 1 being of low importance. However, the most important parts of the visual below are the 2 right-most columns. In the "Direction of Improvement" column, a green box means that that Engineering Requirement metric was either met or exceeded by the FIT System. A blue box means that that Engineering Requirement was deemed out of scope and therefore not tested. Every Test Plan that was executed was successful and shows that the FIT System is accomplishing or exceeding every expectation.

Click HERE to view the entire Test Plans Document

public/Photo Gallery/test plan rev 5.JPG

Risk and Problem Tracking

Below is a table that breaks down the remaining risks the team is monitoring. Last week we had a total of 24 remaining risk but the team have negated 4 risks since the last phase. The average importance of the remaining risks went from 9 to 3. The team will continue to monitor the risks and attempt to mitigate most of them by the end of the semester

public/Photo Gallery/importance ranking.JPG

Functional Demo Materials

Standard Work will provide employees with the knowledge to effectively utilize the FIT System. The documentation must be thorough but simple and all operations of the system must be included.

This phase we have added a standard work to remove expired items from the FIT system. We have also completed the standard work documentation for Setting the Reorder Point, Generating Reports, Changing Category Names, and Removing Expired Items from the FIT system.

Below is a table showing progress toward completion of each standard work. The term Process Developed indicates that the team has determined the process for completing the task. Process Tested means that the team has tested and verified the process is sufficient for completing the task. Standard Work Documentation is completed when we have created a physical standard work document.

public/Photo Gallery/StdWorkProgress2.JPG

Plans for next phase

The visual below displays the team's plan for the last phase!

public/Photo Gallery/planforlastphase.JPG

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