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Planning & Execution

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Team Roles

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Team Values and Norms

In order for a team to work together and be successful, there needs to be commonality between the team members on norms and values. As a team, we have determined that the most important values to uphold are responsibility, communication, and commitment. Responsibility is an important value in that if someone says they are going to complete a task, they follow through and complete the task. Trust plays into this as well, meaning that we need to trust one another to do what they said they were going to do. Communication is a second value that we determined needs to be maintained. Communication is always important, whether it is to update the other group members on the progress being made or to let the rest of the group know that you will be late to or not present at a meeting. This communication needs to be made as soon as possible. A standard that we set was that if you are going to be more than 10 minutes late or not showing up to a meeting, you need to let the rest of the group know at least 10 minutes prior to the meeting start time. Lastly, commitment is something that needs to be upheld throughout the duration of the project. To us, commitment means seeing that the work is completed in full and on time. We all need to be committed from start to finish to ensure that the highest quality work possible is being produced. As a group, we all sat down and discussed what values were important to us and have all agreed to uphold these values.

We do peer reviews at the end of each phase. Part way through MSD I we decided to start doing these out in the open vs. the private approach of sending them to our guide who shared a summary. This has helped us be more open with each other in terms of sharing successes and opportunities.

Project Plans & Schedules

Click here to view our up-to-date Project Plan

Risk Assessment and Growth Curves

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Link to Risk Management Document which includes a complete list of risks and the growth curve here

Other Team Resources

We have the option to meet at the Food Share conference room. We have been doing this routinely as it is helpful to be in the workspace. If we run into an issue in a discussion, which happens constantly, by being there we can collect real time data in the moment, vs. trying to remember what a portion of the facility looks like.

We also had an "extra" systems design review meeting with a group of IE's working in the local area to get their suggestions regarding approaches to solving this problem.

Meeting Minutes, Notes, & Actions

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Above is an example of how we utilize Trello to designate tasks to each team member.

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