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Subsystem Build & Test

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Team Vision for Subsystem Level Build & Test Phase

During this phase, we set out with a lofty list of tasks and we were able to accomplish all of them. The first task was to finalize our list of categories. Once the list of categories was finalized, we needed to acquire a tablet or computer to pilot our IMS on. After much struggle, we were able to find a computer that will run our program, and we kicked off phase 1 of the IMS implementation. Phase 1 was testing the received donation recording process. However, before doing this, we needed to make sure there was a way for employees to share feedback and ask any questions. We did this through the implementation of a Feedback Loop. We created a QR code that employees could scan that would direct them right to the sheet where they could post. Doing it this way also allowed others to see what was already asked/answered to avoid duplicate questions. We also started documenting standard works that employees could reference.

In addition to all the IMS progress that we made, we also made progress in the inventory layout. We were able to completely reorganize the sharing room. Our layout accomplished the customer requirements of making sure the room looks full from outside, placing like-items near each other and ensuring no food items were too high or too low on the shelving. Also, we reorganized the inventory room to reflect and use the same categories as the sharing room.

Also, we started the process of executing test plans and ensuring that our proposed solutions still fulfill the engineering and customer requirements set forth at the beginning of this project.

Test Results Summary

Below is a visual summary of all the Test Plans completed by the team as of 2/23/19.

public/Photo Gallery/tested.PNG

Below is a visual summary of all the Test Plans not ready to be tested by the team as of 2/23/19.

public/Photo Gallery/not ready.PNG

Below is a visual summary of all the Test Plans ready to be tested by the team as of 2/23/19.

public/Photo Gallery/ready.PNG

Risk and Problem Tracking

Below is a visual summary of the team's risk growth curve. It illustrates the risk importance is increasing throughout the first semester. Now that the team is starting to implement the FIT system, the overall risk importance value is decreasing.

public/Photo Gallery/Risk Growth Curve.PNG

Below is a visual summary of the team's remaining risks. There are only two risks with the importance ranking of 81, these are being monitored heavily by the team. This visual shows most of our risk importance values are 9, indicating a non-major risk. The team will continue to monitor and update risks throughout the completion of the project.

public/Photo Gallery/Risk - EDGE Visual 2.20.PNG

Functional Demo Materials

Standard Work is what will keep the implemented processes in operation after the team has completed the project. The documentation will be referred to by employees for direction on completing tasks and can act as material used for training new employees.

Standard Work is being created for all tasks that will be conducted by the users of the system. Below is a table showing to progress toward completion of each standard work. The term Process Developed indicates that the team has determined the process for completing the task. Process Tested means that the team has tested and verified the process is sufficient for completing the task. Standard Work Documentation is completed when we have created a physical standard work document.

public/Photo Gallery/StdWorkProgress.JPG

Plans for next phase

Below is a visual summary of the team's plan for next phase. The team uses continuous strategic planning which allows for a long term view with short term flexibility. All changes to the plan will be documented.

public/Photo Gallery/Plans for next phase.JPG

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