P19742: Mango Processing Line


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In Haiti, fruit is grown on a seasonal basis and is used for many different products. One of the major applications fruit is used for is fruit juice. This fruit juice is a great source of income for Haitian people and is sold across the country. However, mangos come into season all at once in Haiti. This causes for an abundance of mangoes which are not all consumed before they spoil. This results in a loss of profit to the local farmers and increased waste which is thrown into the streets or burned.

In the summer of 2018, a group of RIT students went to Borgne, Haiti and identified mangos as an area for improvement due to the lack of demand during this short harvesting season. If the mangos could be preserved past their current shelf life, they could salvage the revenue that is currently being thrown away and also reduce the amount of waste being produced by Haiti as a whole.

The goal of this project is to create a process that will allow for mangos to be sliced and dehydrated. The mangos would then be turned into a dried fruit ‘powder’ that could be stored for up to six months. This powder could then be added to clean water to create a mango juice which could be sold for a profit. Therefore, by turning the mangos into a powder, a reduction in the number of mangos being wasted occurs and a source of income for local Haitians is being created past the harvesting season of mangos. This process would encompass modern-day OSHA standards, which would ensure the safety of the operator, a clean/food safe environment, and most importantly, a great tasting product.

The Project Readiness Package can be viewed here.

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Project Name
Mango Fruit Station
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Faculty Guide
Mark Minunni, mxmddm@rit.edu
Primary Customer
Dr. Rob Stevens, rjseme@rit.edu
Supplemental funding provided by a gift from Harris Corporation
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Team Members

Kyle Scoville, Taylor Gould, Cody Hamilton, Rebecca Bennett, Anna Jacobson

Kyle Scoville, Taylor Gould, Cody Hamilton, Rebecca Bennett, Anna Jacobson

Member Role Contact
Kyle Scoville Facilitator and Communicator kjs2946@rit.edu
Taylor Gould Project Manager tag2565@rit.edu
Cody Hamilton Lead Industrial Engineer cxh5924@rit.edu
Rebecca Bennett Design Engineer rrb2599@rit.edu
Anna Jacobson Compliance Engineer avj5453@rit.edu

Work Breakdown: By Phase


Phase I: Problem Definition

Phase II: Systems Design

Phase III: Preliminary Detailed Design

Phase IV: Detailed Design

Phase V: Build & Test Prep

Phase VI: Subsystem Build & Test

Phase VII: Integrated System Build & Test

Phase VIII: Customer Handoff & Final Project Documentation (Verification & Validation)

Planning & Execution

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Stacey Clements:

Safety, Compliance, & Training Manager at RIT

Jeff Lonneville:

Lab Manager, RIT Center for Electronics Manufacturing & Assembly

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