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Build & Test Prep

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Team Vision for Build & Test Prep Phase

To prep for testing, we collected the needed materials and did preliminary testing to ensure the pump and the solar panel set up were working. We ordered an oxygen sensor to add to the sensor system. The structure materials were ordered in preparation of the first stage of building. A cross team meeting was held with the Colombian team to catch each other up on the projects and establish a plan of sharing space and other logistics. Meeting minutes can be found here .

Test Plan Summary

Test Plan Summary

Sensor Functionality Test, to ensure the sensors work correctly.

User Interface Functionality Test, to ensure the user interface is user-friendly.

Evaporation and Leakage Test, to ensure too much water is not lost from the system.

Solids Filter Subsystem Test, to ensure the solids filter fulfils its purpose.

Pump Subsystem Test, to ensure the pump can perform sufficiently.

Short-term No-fish No-plants System Test, to make sure the system has no issues when put together.

Medium-term No-fish With-plants System Test, to make sure the system can support plant life.

Long-term With-fish With-plants System Test, to make sure the system functions correctly when in use.

Detailed Test Plan

The detailed test plan can be found here.


Filter Testing

Tests were performed to test the ability of the filter to prevent the movement of particulates and waste material from circulating in our piping system. To test this, water with fine dirt was fed through a pipe containing the filter and emptied into a bucket. Following the test, a visual inspection of both the filter and the bucket occurred to verify filtering ability. We ran this test three times and in each occurrence, most of the dirt was trapped in the filter and little was in the bucket. This proves that our filter functions as intended.

Below is a picture of the filter to be used in our PVC piping:


Below is a picture of our test of the filter:


Hand Pump Testing

Tests were performed by pumping water from the tank to an elevated bucket which simulates the elevation change of the tank to the plant bed. 20 strokes of the hand pump were performed and the total volume moved was found. From this test, the average volume per stroke and average time per stroke were calculated. Average volume per stoke was [Insert Volume per Stroke]. Average time per stroke was [Average time per stroke].

Below is a picture of the setup for the Hand Pump Test.


Risk and Problem Tracking

Image:Photos/Risks1.jpg Image:Photos/RisksChart1.jpg

Design Review Materials

We had an informal design review meeting with our guide, our customer, and students working the other aquaponics project for Colombia. Minutes for this meeting are included in the meeting minutes listed at the top of this page.

Plans for next phase

We are still on track to meet our schedule for the next phase which can be found here.

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