P20007: Foldable Wheelchair


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The Collapsible Wheelchair is for people who have mobility issues, which require the use of a wheelchair during travel. The Wheelchair should be able to reduce in size, such that it could be stowed for travel in the trunk of a car or possibly collapse into a suitcase for air travel.

The Collapsible Wheelchair would allow people with mobility issues to travel for either medical check-ups or personal travel. The idea was presented by Rochester Regional Health System at the Spring 2019 Idea Labs, where a team of students scoped the problem and proposed a potential solution. They designed a mockup of a wheelchair that folded and had removable wheels, which collapsed down to a smaller size.

Project scope is to design a working scale model that can transport patients who require the assistance of a wheelchair but can be collapsed into a package for storage that would fit in the trunk of a typical sedan, or into a piece of luggage for air transport. The functional prototype should conform to the requirements and test methods defined in RESNA/ANSI WC-1 and ISO/TC 173/SC 1 standards.

For an updated project description, click on the following link for the Project Readiness Package.

Link to Confluence: https://wiki.rit.edu/display/P20007/Project+Overview

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Project Name
Collapsible Wheelchair
Project Number
Project Family
Assistive Devices
Start Term
End Term
Faculty Guide
Ted Young & Art North
Primary Customer
Aaron Burton
Sponsor (financial support)
Rochester Regional Health

Team Members

Team, from left to right: Holly, Gabrielle, Dennis, Nicholas, Adam, and Drew

Team, from left to right: Holly, Gabrielle, Dennis, Nicholas, Adam, and Drew

Member Role Contact
Adam Aldrow BME email
Drew DeBacco ISE email
Holly Gubanc MECE email
Gabrielle Ludwig MECE email
Nicholas Stelluti MECE email
Dennis Ulmer MECE email


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