P20011: Articulating Toilet System


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Modern day public restroom facilities are expected to be accommodating for a variety of people. Some of these people include individuals who are required to use wheelchairs for daily transportation and have little or no ability to use their lower body. The restrooms, as well as the toilets themselves, should provide the occupant with the necessary means to go to the restroom in an efficient, organized, and timely manner. Despite this, some people who currently use wheelchairs are still encountering issues when using wheelchair accessible restrooms. Some of these issues include not having the means or strength to lift themselves onto the toilet seats, experiencing a difference in height between the toilets and the wheelchair, and not having enough room to clean themselves after using the toilet.

In an attempt to resolve these problems, a prototype was designed and built by the 2018/2019 senior design team (WAR3). Some limitations of this design include the inability to fit over a standard toilet, faults in the hydraulic system, and an unappealing visual design. Our team will deliver a product that fits over any standard toilet, meets ADA requirements and provides a design similar to that drafted by the industrial design student in 18/19. This design will include ergonomic and safety features for the customer and will be aesthetically congruous with home and public restrooms.

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Wheelchair Accessible Restroom
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Faculty Guide
Art North, artnorth@rpa.net
Primary Customer
Doug Jaehn, 585-705-6759

Team Members

Team pictured left to right: Kristina Klishko, Marlon Naveda, Daniil Sushko, Christina Eker, Samantha Destremps

Team pictured left to right: Kristina Klishko, Marlon Naveda, Daniil Sushko, Christina Eker, Samantha Destremps

Member Discipline Role Contact
Samantha Destremps ISE Project Manager sxd1440@rit.edu
Christina Eker BME Document Control cke1210@rit.edu
Kristina Klishko ME Team Facilitator & Communications Lead kvk8604@rit.edu
Marlon Naveda ME Purchasing mgn4376@rit.edu
Daniil Sushko ME Lead Design Engineer dxs9026@rit.edu

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Thank you to Art North and Doug Jaehn as well as the livability lab for making this project possible! Thank you to RIT MSD and USEED for giving us the means to make the world a more accessible place!