P20071: Baseball Visual Swing Training

Problem Definition

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Team Vision for Problem Definition Phase

Our team planned to understand a vision of the project from the customer's perspective. We wanted extract a list of immediate customer requirements, along with a few long term goals. From these goals, we would try to create engineering requirements for our system(s) and a working list of tasks that we will need to complete before the end of this project.

Our meeting with Rob Grow and Brian Sheridan went very well and we gathered plenty of useful information from our conversation. We were able to create a list of specific customer requirements for the end product, and we were given the freedom to complete most of these desired features in whatever means we see necessary. Our list of customer requirements and working list of tasks will direct our future work and systems development.

Project Summary

Problem Statement:

RIT Baseball wants to improve their training and recruiting capabilities through visually based, easy to use hitting and/or pitching analysis technology that is not cost prohibitive to acquire. Existing systems are comprehensive, but extremely expensive. We are aiming to create a functional and affordable system that can be built upon in the future to eventually create a state-of-the-art system.

Project Summary - Problem Definition Phase

Use Cases

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Project Goals and Key Deliverables

- customer (RIT Baseball) can expect a system of integrated hardware and software that uses a high frame rate camera(s) to perform video processing on a baseball swing

- system will be physically protected from impact with housings that we will build

- system will calculate and output desired and relevant swing metrics from the high frame rate video

- system will output video into an easily viewed and read format with toggle-controlled metrics

- swing video(s) and analysis should be able to be exported and sent to a coach, trainer, player, etc. for training purposes

- integration of hardware and software for one camera

- additional cameras, side by side viewing with toggle on single screen

- determination of optimal camera angles

- image analysis to retrieve metrics

Customer Requirements (Needs)

Customer Requirements for P20071

Customer Requirements for P20071

A link to the live document can be found here

Inputs and Source

  1. PRP.
  2. Problem Statement.
  3. Customer Interview. (see Interview notes for reference)

Engineering Requirements (Metrics & Specifications)


Create a contract between the engineer and the customer where indisputable satisfaction of the engineering requirements equates to customer satisfaction
Engineering Requirements for P20071

Engineering Requirements for P20071

A link to the live document can be found here

Inputs and Source

  1. Customer Requirements
  2. Customer
  3. Phase I benchmarking
  4. Selected concept list
  5. System Design

Outputs and Destination

  1. Function Decomposition.
  2. Concept Generation & Development.
  3. HoQ.
  4. System & Detail Design.
  5. Test Plans.
  6. Poster & Final Report.


House of Quality

House of Quality for P20071

House of Quality for P20071

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Inputs and Source

  1. Customer Requirements.
  2. Engineering Requirements.
  3. Benchmarking Data.

Outputs and Destination

Provide input to the risk management process.

Design Review Materials

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Plans for Next Phase

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