P20101: 3u Cubesat Flight Control

Build & Test Prep

Table of Contents

Team Vision for Build & Test Prep Phase

Team planned to do for this phase:

Team accomplished during this phase:

Test Plan Summary

Use your Test Plan Template to summarize test results and assess effectiveness of test plans to unambiguously demonstrate satisfaction of the engineering requirements

Table of Test Plans with link and owner(s):

Test Plan Owner(s) Risk(s) Date(s)
Ice Rink Deployment Test Amber Dubill, Jarrett Wehle 2/8, 2/9, 2/22, 2/23, 2/29, 3/1
ADACS Reaction Wheel Test James Parkus 3/1 to 3/30
Electronics Test Jarrett Wehle 1/20 to 2/14
Boom Deployment Test Sarah Wittenauer, Amber Dubill 1/20 thorugh 2/1
Sail Folding Procedure Sarah Wittenauer, Amber Dubill N/A
GUI Test Charles Nystrom Until Imagine RIT

PICS Purchases Document

MSD Testing Checklist

  1. Test plans are in place for the six major subsystems, and a testing template has been created to document future testing of contingencies.
  2. There are no applicable test standards referred to by these tests. Future testing that is not within the scope of this project will need to include testing to CubeSat flight standards.
  3. All ordered materials from the Winter break procurement have been received and are marked as such in the BOM.
  4. The team has all space and equipment necessary to begin building and testing. The bench in the EE MSD lab has been reserved and set up. Extra storage space in design studio 1 has been reserved by MSD office.

Risk and Problem Tracking

The live and continuously updated document for Risk Management is located on EDGE.

Several risks have been closed out and combined with another risk due to redundancy. After the loss of a team member, those risks have been assigned to other members of the team. At the end of MSD-I each assignee updated the status of each risk and how it had been addressed in the detailed design of the CubeSat.

The main risk that manifested as a problem was Risk 22, a social risk for accountability of deliverables. The team was late to recognize that progress was not being made in the software realm because of lack of communications.

The sail folding risk has been the most heavily influencial on the project so far. Numerous tests have been performed to mitigate the risk after it was found that the previous team's deployment mechanism had not eliminated this risk as much as originally expected.

New ADACS risks had been added as well to encompass discoveries about the reaction wheels that the team had not previously anticipated before the research and calculations had been done.

Design Review Materials

Links to the live documents:

Plans for next phase

Updated Schedule

Team Goals

The main goal for this phase is to complete the full ice rink deployment test of the deployment mechanism. The results should be the main focus of our review at the end of this phase. Implied by this goal is the complete manufacturing of the CubeSat and deployment mechanism. Other testing will be taking place, but this is the main goal.

Individual Goals and Planning

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