P20101: 3u Cubesat Flight Control

Integrated System Build & Test

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Team Vision for Integrated System Build & Test Phase

What did your team plan to do during this phase?

What did your team actually accomplish during this phase?


Update: Revised team status document attached - reflects updated prototyping status. Update: ME Shop and Brinkman closing this week.

After further consideration, and hearing all the student stress around prototyping in such uncertain conditions, I’ve decided it would be best for the current MSD II students to stop all prototyping work and just focus on remote work (documentation, etc.). My previous intent was to provide access to students who wanted it as an option and allow you to make your own choices about coming to campus. However, with teams spread all over the country (or world), and RIT’s move to close the residence halls, it doesn’t make sense to give access to only a few select teams. Additionally, it’s entirely possible that there will soon come a point where the campus is completely shut down anyway, and this will allow you to start planning for that scenario sooner rather than later. Both the ME Shop and Brinkman Labs have announced that they will also be closing. If you have left materials in either shop, they'll be open through Friday to retrieve them. As part of their clean-up, any unclaimed MSD projects will be moved up to the 4th floor and left on an empty workbench later this week.

At a minimum, all teams will still need to remotely collaborate on:

In addition to this, your team might consider the following:

Test Results Summary

The two major tests that were planned for this phase were a test of the ADACS reaction wheel, and a new sail folding method. The test results would have been posted in the live document, but tested were not able to be completed and all parts that were on order were cancelled.


This is the proposed testing setup for the control model ADACS test. The gear train is used to transfer the direction of the torque from the motor (horizontal) to the wheel (vertical). The motor is too large to seat aligned with the wheel axis due to clearance issues with other internal components. The last task to do is design the shaft that interfaces with all the gears.

Risk and Problem Tracking

Functional Demo Materials

Note that the review is no longer a functional demo as prototyping has been suspended. The review will now be a teleconference conducted via Zoom at 1PM EST on Thursday 3/25/20. The materials reviewed by screen share are as follows:

Plans for next phase

After the announcement, the team set up a new method of meeting through Zoom and began working concurrently through alternate methods, like Google Sheets, to plan how the desired objectives and some deliverables could still be met.

The document below, also linked to live here, details all of the teams deliverables, both those specified and required by MSD, and those desired to be handed off to the customer.

The team also worked hard to quickly release a new modified schedule for the remainder of the semester to ensure we achieve our deliverables by the due dates and work well in unusual circumstances. The Gantt chart linked to live here is displayed below and identifies estimated dates and specific team members.

For the rest of the semester the team plans to have regular meetings with our faculty guide, Art North, on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 1PM EST on Zoom. Regular team meetings, now conducted on Zoom, on Monday Wednesday and Friday still continue as normal, just digitally.

The team will be continuing collaboration through Google Docs to enable easy access and working together, but ALL FILES will be uploaded to EDGE after work is completed. No files on the Google Drive will remain on Google Drive, all will be uploaded to EDGE at completion as Google Drive is just a collaboration tool, not a storage method.

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