P20103: Modular Electronics for Fieldable Photonics Experiments


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In the burgeoning field of quantum optics, it is imperative to have the ability to readily test and validate any experiments pertaining to research. The current state of quantum optic test benches are devices that are large, heavy, and are inefficient with power draw. These set back make testing research ideas slow, costly, and some times unreliable as the test platform can change from experiment to experiment.

The goal of this project would be to design a modular sub-system on which to build a test system designed for quantum optics experimentation. This modular design would allow experimenters the ability to keep the test platform relatively consistent from experiment to experiment by retaining the same power and controller boar while only having to swap out "research boards". The modular design would also allow for a more robust design as analog domains could be separated from the digital domain increasing the noise immunity of the system. Lastly, the modular design would follow a rigid form factor as well as weight, both of which will lead to a reduction in the size and weight of the overall test platform.

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Project Name
Modular Electronics for Fieldable Photonics Experiments
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2191 (Fall 2019)
End Term
2195 (Spring 2020)
Faculty Guide
Ken Mihalyov, kjmddm@rit.edu
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Dakota Roscoe role dsr5133@rit.edu
Connor Blasie role cwb8984@rit.edu
Dan Barham role dcb5202@rit.edu
Jonathan Schiff role js5813@rit.edu
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