P20129: Flight-Ready Heat Switch

Subsystem Build & Test

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Team Vision for Subsystem Level Build & Test Phase

What did your team plan to do during this phase?

What did your team actually accomplish during this phase?

Test Results Summary

Solenoid Testing

Three tests were performed on the solenoid: a baseline test on the modified solenoid, a test after sonicating the solenoid in isopropanol, and a test after adding dry lubrication. Sonicating reduced the failure rate and allowed for the solenoid to actuate at lower temperatures; however, after sonication and lubrication, the solenoid would failed at random temperatures. These failures are believed to be cause by the friction between the rotating plate and the housing. The torque from the solenoid and the return coil spring fail to overcome torque caused by friction, but the ratchet spring will provide a downward force that will hopefully prevent this failure.

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Risk and Problem Tracking

Phase VI Problem Tracking

Phase VI Problem Tracking

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Phase VI Risk Assessment

Phase VI Risk Assessment

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