P20151: Satellite Localization

Gate Reviews

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Your team will hold a gate review with your guide at the end of each semester. This page should document any information needed for the review, as well as outcomes.

MSD I: Readiness to move to Build & Test

The self-critique did not tell us anything we did not already know. All LASSO team members have been stepping up to learn the new material required to make TDoA possible. We have experienced project delays and rework as every project does.

Completed self-critique.


Status Review

Current state of the project

We negotiated CR and ER changes throughout the semester. We believe the present list of "shalls" and corresponding engineering requirements are all achievable based on our progress so far in both the design and in feasibility studies. All customer and engineering requirements have associated tests.

List of Customer Requirements

List of Customer Requirements

List of Engineering Requirements

List of Engineering Requirements

Requirements and Testing (Excel)

The TDoA algorithm and component selection is ready for MSD II. We have not picked our exact time difference method, but are pursuing cross-correlation and symbol detection. Both are all in software. The Orbit determination algorithm is underway. LASSO has confirmed funding.

The biggest action item out of the detailed design review is the design of the housing. The current housing was designed for indoors only and had several problems. We will be addressing these problems and redesigning the housing for outdoors and indoors. This will not cause delays in the foreseeable future as we can still link our components together without a housing.

The overall theme for our project plan is delays. As a team, we have learned to budget more time for everything. The TDoA algorithm, for example, took 4 times longer to develop than originally thought. Our schedule for MSD 2 tries to better estimate times; we will inevitably change it. All team members have delivered on their personal responsibilities. Team member contributions are overall unequal; however, everyone is contributing what is expected of them. Some members are going above and beyond their responsibility.

Our greatest risk was that TDoA was not feasible for satellite tracking. Our risk assessment during the SDR reflected this. The present risks reflect how effective our implementation of TDoA will be. So far, no risks have manifested themselves as problems. Risks assessment changes based on our current priorities and progress. This idea allows us to predict risks we will encounter down the road.

Our ImagineRIT vision is an operational TDoA system with a "floater" station located at ImagineRIT. We will demo our MSD project with this floater and the three other stations around the greater rochester area. Having live demostrations will be much more impactful to the students. We will need to acquire a MSD stand close to the outdoors to make this possible.

MSD II: Project close-out


Status Review

Current state of the project

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our scope became making this first iteration a firm stepping stone for next year's team. With the wide support of faculty, continued support from L3Harris, and detailed documentation, we have achieved this goal.

Please see the Integrated System Build & Test and Customer Handoff & Final Project Documentation pages for a more detailed breakdown of our changes.

All team members showed a willingness to contribute and push the project forward despite news of the COVID-19 shutdown. When the project transitioned to finishing documentation, team members were timely with their progress.

All of the risks have not been closed out due to the COVID-19 shutdown. Please view the Risks Discussion section for more information.

Deliverables Checklist and Website Status

The final deliverables are complete. The edge page, final poster, final paper, and lightning talk are complete and linked on the Edge home page. The hardware from the project will be left with Marty until the time that MSD projects resume. Here is a list of all of the final documentation: Final Documentation List.

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