P20223: Racing Simulator


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Problem Statement:

One of the most effective ways in which a racing team can reduce lap times is through driver development. It has been found that simulator training has been extremely effective in accomplishing this. RIT Racing seeks to give their student-drivers an opportunity to obtain a competitive edge through realistic simulator training with as close to “real world” feedback as possible. In a racing simulator, this feedback can be accomplished through several inputs: steering wheel, foot pedals, vehicle pitch, roll, and yaw. While most commercially available simulators are able to provide realistic wheel and pedal feedback for a reasonable price, vehicle pitch, roll, and yaw are only available on extremely costly simulators. Therefore, the scope of this project is to modify an RIT Formula SAE chassis to simulate pitch and roll at the very least.

The goal of this project is to produce a working simulator prototype, the corresponding design documents, a technical paper, and a poster. Any additional software produced for the vehicle movement system should not impair the software functionality of the commercial simulator that is to be selected. Additionally, the footprint of the simulator should be less than 150% of that of the Formula SAE car and minimal changes should be made to the chassis itself.

Project Information:

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Progressive Automations
Project Name
Full-Motion Racing Simulator
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Faculty Guide
Bill Nowak (bnowak@rochester.rr.com)
Primary Customer
RIT Racing, AJ Interrante (formula@rit.edu)
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Progressive Automations
Proformance Coaching
VR Playground

Team Members

From Left to Right: Andrew Coco, John Lukowski, Jacob Martinez, Brad Sterner, Hunter Cyr, Caitlin Barron, James Bedard

From Left to Right: Andrew Coco, John Lukowski, Jacob Martinez, Brad Sterner, Hunter Cyr, Caitlin Barron, James Bedard

Member Role Email Major
Caitlin Barron Student ceb5002@rit.edu Computer Engineering
James Bedard Student jrb5389@rit.edu Mechanical Engineering
Andrew Coco Student acc2512@rit.edu Mechanical Engineering
Hunter Cyr Student hrc4486@rit.edu Mechanical Engineering
John Lukowski Student jrl9121@rit.edu Electrical Engineering
Jacob Martinez Student jm6191@rit.edu Electrical Engineering
Brad Sterner Student bds1914@rit.edu Mechanical Engineering