P20225: Doc B Racing Real Time Telemetry

Build & Test Prep

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Team Vision for Build & Test Prep Phase

What did your team plan to do during this phase?

During the Build and Test Preparation phase, the team planned to begin what was planned during the end of MSD I, and start testing on the system to see what risk and requirements will be changed. The team planned on working on the system over winter break, as half of the team worked on seeing if the current microcontroller and PCB is Bluetooth and WIFI compatible, and the other half of the team would work on writing new code for the reading and writing capability to the SD card. Once break was completed the team planned to test the code that was written over the break, and start to test all the current sensors, and see if they are calibrated correctly and can send significant data to the microcontroller. Once the parts that were ordered in MSD I arrived, the team also planned to add the parts to the PCB, such as the accelerometer, by going to the soldering lab. The team also planned to see how far the SD card code had been testing and make the next phase plans for testing the subsystems. The team planned that if the SD card code is not moving along quickly, that the team would go into separate groups to test bot the sensors and the SD card at the same time, so the team knew that when the SD card was functional the data that was being sent to it was significant. If the SD card code testing was moving along at a good pace the team agreed to test the sensors with the SD card, to see if the sensors data is ready to go, or if the sensors need to be calibrated, or if new sensors needed to be ordered. Once the sensors and SD card testing is completed in future phases the team plans to test the system on one of the team members cars, to see if the wire harness is also functioning properly.

What did your team actually accomplish during this phase?

During the Build and Test Preparation phase, the team began to work on what was planned in MSD I individually, and then once winter break was over met again and shared what had been completed and what roadblocks had been hit. During the winter break the computer engineers both worked on rewriting and making mew code for the SD card read and write capabilities with the microcontroller and sensors. The electrical engineers worked on researching the microcontroller chosen from the previous team and seeing if WIFI and Bluetooth were capable with the PCB that was made, and the mechanical engineer worked on both the wire harness and the redesigning of the enclosure. The WIFI and Bluetooth was found to be not capable with the current microcontroller, and the current PCB does not have the correct pins to be able to attach other parts to make the board Bluetooth capable. During the first week of classes the team worked on testing the SD card code that was written over break, along with receiving the parts that were ordered in MSD I and making sure everything that was needed was received. The testing of the SD card was completed by one half of the group, while the other half started getting prepared to test the sensors and accelerometer, to see if they will send significant data. The team also made plans for testing over the next couple of weeks, meeting before class time in the lab and trying to get the SD card writing capability completed, which is the top priority. Lastly, the team planned to start testing the sensors, GPS location tracking, and the accelerometer on one of the team members cars once the weather started to get better.

Test Plan Summary

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Risk and Problem Tracking

Design Review Materials

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Plans for next phase

In the next phase the teams’ goal is to continue testing and focusing on functionality of the SD card. The SD card needs to be tested with the new code that was written to see if it functions properly and saves data. This will consume a majority of our time during the next phase. Furthermore, new parts have been ordered, allowing for us to access the STM laboratory and install the new parts and ensure full functionality of them. We will also continue to update our Gant Chart, Risk Assessment, and Test Plans for clear documentation. Once the SD card operations successfully, our next focus will develop on the functionality of all sensors. The designs and flowcharts will also be update from the previous phase if anything is changed.

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