P20225: Doc B Racing Real Time Telemetry

Test Results

Table of Contents

Test Results Summary

The 2019-2020 COVID-19 Global Pandemic halted our progress on our test results. Therefore, our test results are very similar to the previous phase.

Summary of Test Plans: test results


  1. Use previous team's Imagine RIT Demonstration to gather live-time sensor data via terminal
  2. Send live-time data to an excel spreadsheet or CSV file
  3. Read file and write data to the SD Card to gather live-time data of sensors

Inputs & Source

  1. Accelerometer - Acceleration data must be within 5% of the expected value on bench test.
  2. Vibration and Torture Testing of System and Enclosure - System must be able to withstand volatile in-car environment
  3. Mounting Bracket Design and Production - Brackets must be manufactured/adaptable to the various mounting locations within the vehicle.
  4. Lap Time Acquisition - Configuration of timer module to pair to GPS data for timestamps
  5. All sensors must acquire data within 5% tolerance.
  6. Device is able to store at least one hour of data to an external storage device 32GB in size without overwriting buffer

Outputs & Destination

  1. 5% tolerance of all sensors
  2. Gain a greater understanding of the source code to move forward and create greater progress

Risk and Problem Tracking

Revised Risk Assessment Seen Below:
public/Integrated System/risk 1.PNG
public/Integrated System/risk 2.PNG
Revised Gantt Chart Seen Below:
public/Ganntt Chart