P20250: Finger Lakes Explorer ROV

Integrated System Build & Test

Team Vision for Integrated System Build & Test Phase

The plan for this phase was to merge the mechanical, software, and electrical subsystems and allow final tweaking and testing of the ROV. However, this plan was stopped by the COVID-19 outbreak in March, 2020. Due to complete campus closure, the team is unable to progress the project.

All teamwork conducted from this phase onward will be remote. Collaboration occurs through Google Hangouts, Google Drive, Slack and EDGE. This page serves to signal the switch from in class work to online.

All remaining materials can be found on the Customer Handoff & Final Project Documentation page.

Plans for next phase

The plan moving forward is to hand in all physical materials as is and generate assembly documents for future completion of the project. ImagineRIT has been cancelled and replaced by a video presentation of the poster which, along with the paper, is to proceed as originally planned. Related documents will be posted on EDGE, on the Customer Handoff & Final Project Documentation page, and assembly documents will be handed over to Dr. Kolodziej for completion at a later date.

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